Graphic Design Services

Reality Design

Reality Design can create custom artwork to cater for your business. We can find a way to communicate the message of your business through our graphic design services. Reality Design can also organise for printing once the design is complete.

Reality Design specialises in:

      • Logo Design – A business logo is very important to attract potential clients.
      • Corporate Identity – We can give your business a professional look and feel.
      • Page Layout – From magazines, to financial reports, to resumes and everything in-between.
      • Packaging – A products packaging can strongly influences a customer to purchase.
      • Print Advertising – Anything that can be printed, we can do!
      • Online Advertising – Web banners are one of the most effective ways of advertising.
      • Typography – Good typography is key to successful advertising.
      • Photo Editing – Basically any look or style you can imagine.
      • Photography – A quality photo will make all the difference in your next advertisement.
      • Custom Artwork – Artwork for clothing, posters, vehicles etc.
      • Clothing Design / Fashion Design – Repeat prints, tee prints, garment design etc.

Graphic design today covers a wide variety of mediums in which we can cater for a large majority of these. Logo design and corporate identity goes hand in hand and Reality Design can give your business a professional look that will entice potential customers. Advertising is a very broad term, but Reality Design have you covered with all print and online advertising. Even packaging could be considered to be a type of advertising which I am also very proficient in! Reality Design also has an extensive background in publishing and page layout as I have experience in magazine layout as well as brochures and catalogues. Another area that is considered a part of the ever-growing field of graphic design is illustration. Reality Design also has experience in custom illustration as displayed in the portfolio section of this website.

Another area Reality Design specializes in is fashion design. I have worked with many international brands in which clothing designs by Reality Design have been featured on the cover of magazines and in advertising campaigns. Reality Design can design a huge variety of prints for any garment including repeat yardage prints. I also specialize in garment and cad design and can easily create whole ranges.

These are the basic graphic design services I cover, if you have something more specific I can most likely do it. Just contact me and we will help you out promptly.


Reality Design’s pricing varies, but we are always extremely competitively priced. Business logos start from $450 and print design can start from as low as $150. Reality Design can even organise printing at a great price in order to minimise the hassle for you and your business.



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